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Top Six solutions to common XREF problems

Xrefs (external references) let you view another drawing within your current drawing without actually inserting that other drawing thus keeping the original drawing size manageable.

Another benefit of using Xref is that changes made to the referenced drawings are automatically reflected in the current drawing when it’s opened or if the xref is reloaded. This […]

3D Model in AutoCad – Simplify complex objects with compound volume

We often encounter objects and details that might be too complex to draw in 3D. From columns and balusters to spigots, escutcheons, machine parts etc.

But as like most things, complex objects also have humble beginnings.

For this example, we can see that the object resembles a hook (see final image above), which we […]

Lockdown and print-up: How to use your CAD skills in the battle against coronavirus

With the rise of the current global pandemic, our way of life has been changed in an instant. Gone are the days where we can comfortably walk down the streets to work, enter busy cafes to dine, and travel without having a little tinge of worry. The coronavirus has sent us packing our things, heading […]