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Dynamic blocks: the white papers

I’ve written three white papers for Autodesk on Dynamic Blocks. Together, these three white papers provide a thorough overview of the dynamic block feature.

Part 1: Dynamic Block Overview and Quick-Start Tutorial. In this white paper I explain the concepts behind dynamic blocks and suggest some scenarios for their use. I display some sample dynamic blocks and explain the steps for creating one. I define the components of dynamic blocks, parameters and actions. I end the paper with a short tutorial to run you through the process of creating, inserting, and editing your first dynamic block. Download Part 1(PDF, 10 pp.)

Part 2: Inventory of Block Editor, Commands, Parameters, Actions, and Parameter Sets. In this white paper I document dynamic block properties and characteristics. I list dynamic block capabilities and provide a thorough review of the Block Editor, which is the interface for creating dynamic blocks. Then I list and describe all the parameters, which are the building blocks of dynamic blocks. I explain how to attach actions to parameters. Actions are like editing commands, which control how you can edit a dynamic block. I end the paper with a table of parameter sets, which are parameter-action combos that you can quickly apply to a block. Download Part 2 (PDF, 12 pp.)

Part 3: Advanced Features of Dynamic Blocks. In the final white paper, I explain some of the advanced features, best practices, and capabilities of dynamic blocks. Here are the topics:

  • Naming parameters and actions
  • Selecting objects for actions
  • Specifying stretch frames
  • Cycling through insertions points
  • Changing the direction of an action
  • Keeping objects centered
  • Stretching a block equally in opposite directions
  • Chaining parameters
  • Using visibility states
  • Using lookup parameters and tables

Download Part 3 (PDF, 15 pp.)

7 comments to Dynamic blocks: the white papers

  • Hugo

    Hi! Where’s the office set.dwg????

  • shelar

    dear sir i am very pleased and thank full to you. sir i have been trying to make a dynamic block last 6 month but did’t help and cant understand the help file. now i luckily got your valuable tutorial part-1 to 3 it is very use full for understanding the dynamic block and its uses in smooth and easy way. thanks once again

  • Ellen

    Glad to help!

  • Salim

    Can you please help , need to create a dynamic block which use polyline . The block should be stretched ( change number of vertex so directions can be changed ) and length can be adjusted as well) , rotated . Also one of the attribute is to display xy coordinates of all vertex and start and end points. These coordinates can then be exported to excel file

  • Victor Hugo Ramos Cruz

    Necesito llenar datos en un bloque ya definido con atributos de una hoja excel o similar. como hago?
    Translation: I need to fill data into a block already defined with attributes like an excel sheet or similar. How do I do that?

  • Sankalp

    At last after lot of search I reached to your tutorial of dynamic block and I think my search ends here. What I learn about dynamic block enhanced my knowledge. Thanks

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